Shiga Kogen’s naturally beautiful surroundings offer countless options for summer activities, including miles of scenic trails for hiking. There are three popular trails nearby the hotel, with each hike lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration and each trail gaining about 500 meters in elevation from the hotel’s 1500m starting point.
The Chigo-Ike hike is the most popular trail, accessible by car or foot. This hike will take you up our mountain to a lake with a Shinto monument overlooking it. There are many more trails in the surrounding area, including the famous Oonuma lake (emerald lake) trail.
We can organize a guided hike with our professional in-house trekking expert!
Please contact the front desk for additional trail and guided trekking information.

hiking2-300x199Okushiga Kogen Hotel’s naturally beautiful surroundings offer a variety of scenic hiking trails in Shiga Kogen. There are several popular trails nearby the hotel.